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GIULEMANIDAIBAMBINI:: POLL ::This is a poll of opinion that the “GiùleManidaiBambini”  (Hands off our children) Campaign proposed to the citizen on the delicate theme of actuality of the administering of psychiatric drugs to the children.
1. Do you believe that the mental uneasiness of children and adolescences are all strictly of organic nature? YES   NO
2. Do you think that some malaises could have environmental or social origins (stress, family, friends, surrounding of life etc.)? YES NO
3. Do you retain sufficient the compilation of simple questionnaires, to the purposes of a correct diagnosis of psychic illness for a child? YES NO
4. Would you accept of administer psychiatric drugs to your son in succession to a diagnosis of an only expert? YES    NO
5. Do you retain that administer psychiatric drugs to the children is it a valid solution for their psychic uneasiness (starts of mood, depression, hyperactivity.)? YES    NO
6. If your son were affected from psychic pathologies instead that consider other alternatives, would you assay the pharmacological therapy exclusively? YES    NO



The poll’s statistics at the closing date

Number of voters at the poll’s closing date

Average Age of Voters N/A
Question 1 2.8% 97.2%
Question 2 97.6% 2.4%
Question 3 2.5% 97.5%
Question 4 2.8% 97.2%
Question 5 2.6% 97.4%
Question 6 2.6% 97.4%