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In this section of the portal, you can interact actively with the campaign “GiuleManidaiBambini© – Hands off our Children”; specifically, you can:


-          Display the poll (in Italian) proposed to the visitors of our website’s old version, and consult the percentages of the results;


-          Consult the text of the petition (in Italian) sent via Internet, in 2009, to the highest positions and institutions of the Republic;


-          Ask a question and receive an answer from our staff, in our “Agorà” (Public Square), where it is possible to consult the questions posed by parents and teachers in the last years;


-          Read the most significant letters received by our editorial staff, at the webpage “What you write us”;


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GiùleManidaiBambini is a pharmaceutical vigilance, information and awareness social campaign . Our experts and specialists you will be in contact with, either personally or via e-mail, do NOT issue medical advices  either with fee or free. For medical interventions, please contact your family Pediatrician, or one of the scientific organizations selected in the “Links” section of this portal, as you prefer. In any case – because of the sensitivity of the issues covered – the medical opinions of our specialists and volunteers, must be considered as personal and do not necessarily reflect the position of our organization. The only official positions we have related to the Campaign, can be seen on this portal or in the statements issued by our Spokesman to the media. 

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