“Hands off our children”- GiùleManidaiBambini ONLUS is a Committee and second-level organization gathering an always growing number of associations and bodies, listed below.


The Committee also avails of permanent patronage from 37 Italian Province capitals municipalities and from a Health Authority (ASL of Bari).


Our Committee has received the “Silver Plate” from the President of the Italian Republic.


The campaign “Hands off our children” is as well among the excellences awarded in the context of the “Public Affair Awards 2011” by the Public Affair Association and the Commission for Hygiene and Health of the Republic Senate.



Founding members of the Committee (13)



Bodies and associations operating in the field (125)


This category includes 125 bodies/associations, among which 10 Universities, 13 Provincial Bars of Doctors, 5 Regional Bars of Psychologists, 25 Local Health Authorities and one Hospital.


Social promotion and cultural Associations supporting the Campaign (79)



Permanent Advocating Bodies (34)


Dismissed Committee Members


The following associative bodies are no longer operating or dismissed, therefore cannot be included among the list of Committee Members. Nevertheless we report their captions, as a testimony of their agreed support to our initiatives.

  • Associazione Animamente
  • ASL 4 Matera
  • Associazione “Per la Donna”
  • Giovani Espressioni – Festival di Musica indipendente
  • NO’OS
  • GLBT Power
  • ISAU
  • AgriPiemonte
  • Euro Art Agency
  • Nessuno Tocchi Pierino
  • La Casa di Mamma & Papà
  • Associazione“Le Tracce”
  • Scuola Arte e Comunicazione
  • TAEL, Diffusione Cultura Giovanile
  • E.S.E.G. Erasmus and Exchange Students Association
  • Galassia Libri
  • Once More
  • Federazione Nazionale per la Libertà di Scelta Terapeutica
  • Associazione Stazione Celeste
  • Informagiovani di Palermo
  • DidgeFest –Wenton Didj Club
  • Associazione NuovaMente
  • Officina 75 – Associazione Culturale Zero
  • Wuotstock Rock Festival
  • Centro Kaspar Hauser Onlus
  • Associazione Progetto Bambino
  • TurinComing
  • Festival delle Colline Torinesi
  • Ce.Svi.C. – Centro Studi per lo Sviluppo e la Cooperazione
  • Annunci Solidali