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NB: The research contained in this folder are not consistent with the content of our Consensus, however can be reinterpreted in light of what exposed in the end content of the Consensus itself, titled “Reinterpreting the data.”



Our Committee’s editorial line allows the publication on this website of articles, abstracts, research, documents, etc. in line with the assumptions and scientific claims expressed by our Consensus. Every document that the editorial staff in its own discretion decides to publish – if not meeting these requirements – will report at the bottom the notice that it does not meet the guidelines of this campaign of pharmacovigilance, and therefore does not reflect the position of the campaign itself. In this case, every member of our standing scientific committee will maintain the chance to publish dissenting opinions below, and the publication of any counter-deduction or observation will give notice to readers.

Every published document, abstract, research, etc must be complete with scientific bibliography: in case of unavailability by the proposer of the publication, the fact will be marked below for the benefit of the readers. The wording “Subject” in the published abstracts in this section of the website is edited by the editorial staff of “Giù le Mani dai Bambini”(Hands off our children), just to facilitate the interpretation of the abstracts themselves by non-experts. The published abstracts were extracted verbatim from the original source whenever this was possible. In case of republication of abstracts taken from other sites, the editorial staff of “Giù le Mani dai Bambini” (Hands off our children) cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies. However, any inaccuracy that our readers will have the kindness to tell us, will be promptly corrected. In the Abstract Archive area you will find abstracts on ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) primarily, but also some other abstract on other diseases and child behavior disorders, under implementation.