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In this important section of the site we published a series of scientific articles, as well as the summaries (abstracts) of a series of scientific and university researches,carefully selected by prof. Claudio Ajmone, scientific collaborator of our Campaign,or brought to the attention of our editorial staff by our team, doctors, pediatricians, university teachers and hospital volunteers.

The scientific researches published, divided by macrosubjects, highlight the risks deriving from the abuse of psychiatric drugs by children and adolescents. In order to ensure space and equal dignity for all positions – even the most ethically distant from our campaign – we have also started the publication of some research led by psychiatrists in favour of administration of drug to children. You can help us make this section of the website grow even more sending us by e-mail the translated abstract of a piece of research, or referring us to the exact references of its source. The material, if important and congruent, will be published indicating your name.

This section has also plenty of other contents:

-       You can consult the International Consensus- complete with the list of the current signers – that “Giù le Mani dai Bambini”® (Hands off our children) has lauched against the abuses in the administering of psychiatric drugs, which takes the stock of the situation on the origins of ADHD syndrome and the still evolving discussions in the context of the scientific community, which mainly rejects the strictly biological origin of this illness, most often referring to behavioural problems. This is the most successful consensus document ever launched in Italy on these issues: if you agree with the text of the Consensus and you are a specialist or an academician, sends a subscription e-mail to the mailbox

-       In the Documents area, you can inform about the strategies of over-medicalization of childhood ongoing: you can read the details about the controversial PrISMA Project, financed with public funds but mostly realized by private research structures, during which the screening has been started of a part of the student population in order to identify, through the compilation of questionnaires, the percentage of Italian children suffering of mental illnesses, which according to the results would amount to about ten per cent of the children’s population; you can document about the lacks of informed consent forms, drawn up by our Ministry of Health, that families should read before authorizing the prescription of psychiatric drugs to their children, you can inform about the Regional Centers for the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, in process of being formed on the territory, and that have already raised many controversies…

-       And finally, our “Hyperactive child chart”practical advice, written from the perspective of a supposedly “ADHD” child to behave properly with him and help him overcome his difficulties.

We also invite you to examine the complete copyright clauseswhich regulates the reproduction of the passages contained in this section. (by prof. Ajmone Claudio, member of the Scientific Committee)



Our Committee’s editorial line allows the publication on this website of articles, abstracts, research, documents, etc. in line with the assumptions and scientific claims expressed by our Consensus. Every document that the editorial staff in its own discretion decides to publish – if not meeting these requirements – will report at the bottom the notice that it does not meet the guidelines of this campaign of pharmacovigilance, and therefore does not reflect the position of the campaign itself. In this case, every member of our standing scientific committee will maintain the chance to publish dissenting opinions below, and the publication of any counter-deduction or observation will give notice to readers. Every published document, abstract, research, etc must be complete with scientific bibliography: in case of unavailability by the proposer of the publication, the fact will be marked below for the benefit of the readers.