Committee “Giù le Mani dai bambini(Hands off our Children)

Registered office and headquarters:

P.O. BOX 589 – 10121 Torino Centro

Legal home: Corso Bramante 88 – 10100 Torino

c/o A.S.O San Giovanni Battista- Public Relations Office

Phone and Fax +39 011 19701557
Legal Representative:

National Spokesman Luca Poma ( responsible for processing the data) Matteotti, 53 – 10121 Torino.


We are informing based on article 10 of the law of December 31st 1996 number 675 relating the protection of persons and other subjects regarding the process of personal data, data provided by you or otherwise acquired in our operations will be handled in compliance of the aforementioned provisions and obligations of confidentiality as inspired by the work of the Committee “Giùl le Mani dai Bambini” ONLUS (Hands off our Children).

The processing of personal data means the collection, registration, organization, storage, processing, editing, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, distribution, notification and distribution, or combination of two or more of these operations

Holder of the data processing is the Committee “Giù le Mani dai Bambini” ONLUS (Hands off our Children) with registered office and headquarters in Bramante, 88 -10100 Torino. The data can be processed with the cooperation of third parties expressly nominated by managers or agents of Committee “Giù le Mani dai Bambini” ONLUS (Hands off our Children). (Responsible for the processing of personal data are officials listed in the prospectus available at the offices of Committee “Giù le Mani dai Bambini” ONLUS (Hands off our Children, in relation to their area of competence.)
The data will be used for commercial purposes related to or instrumental to our company, and then

1. to execute a service or one or more operations contractually agreed upon, including the bringing of externalizing service to the supplementary services may be activated after the signing the proposal for a subscription and all activities User loyalty other than those referred to in paragraph 4 below;
2. to perform, in general, legal obligations;
3. for reasons of operational and managerial internal Committee “Giù le Mani dai Bambini” ONLUS (Hands off our Children) and relating to the service, including, but not exclusive, reference to auditing Committee “Giù le Mani dai Bambini” ONLUS (Hands off our Children), and, subject to your consent;

4. for communication, to art. 2 and article 12. 2 from the Conditions of Contract, commercial information relating to new offers products and services of the Committee “Giù le Mani dai Bambini” ONLUS (Hands off our Children)  and / or Companies with which the Committee “Giù le Mani dai Bambini” ONLUS (Hands off our Children) signed trade agreements, to verify the level of satisfaction users about products and services, and, finally, to the credit protection including the use of third parties such as companies and factoring, and implementation, under the supervision of the authorities of the sector, control and monitoring of credit are also shared with other licensed operators under DPR-318/97.

A refusal to give the data may prevent the conclusion or the execution of contracts or obligations of the obligations law.
As regards paragraph 4, the consent to the data processing is optional.
The data processing will be done through instruments that guarantee the security and confidentiality and can also be done by automated tools to store, manage and transmitted data themselves. The data will be stored by Committee “Giù le Mani dai Bambini” ONLUS (Hands off our Children) for the prescribed time by law.
The processing of data you have supplied, or otherwise acquired part of our activity, can also be done by individuals who have been granted the right to access your data personal law or of secondary or EU legislation.
Please also note that you can exercise its right under Article 13 of Law said that is below.

The detailed list of those appointed controllers and third parties to whom the data is communicated will be provided by Committee “Giù le Mani dai Bambini” ONLUS (Hands off our Children)  user’s request.


1. In regard to the processing of personal data subject has the right:
a) knowledge through free access to the register under Article 31, comma1, letter a), the existence of data processing that may concern;
b) to be informed according to Article 7,paragraph 4, letters a), b) and h);
c) obtain, from the owner or manager, without delay:
1) confirmation of whether or not personal data concerning him, even if not yet recorded, and communication in an intelligible of these data and their origin, and the logic and purpose on which it is processed, the request may be renewed, there are justifiable reasons after no less than 90days;
2) cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or block of  data in violation of law, including those which are not need to be kept for the purposes for which the data were collected and subsequently processed;

3) the updating, rectification or, where interested therein, data integration;

4) a statement that the transactions referred to in 2) and 3) were
notified, also as regards their content, those to whom the data were communicated or disseminated, unless where this proves impossible or involves a manifestly disproportionate to the protected right;
d) oppose, in whole or in part, for legitimate reasons, the treatment of personal data concerning himself ; relevant to the purpose of collection;
e) object, in whole or in part, the processing of personal data concern him, for purposes of commercial information or sending advertising materials or direct selling or for carrying out market research or interactive commercial communication and to be informed by the owner, not later than the time at which data is communicated or spread, of the possibility of freely exercising this right.

2. For each application referred to in paragraph 1, letter c) n.1), it can be demand to the party, is not confirmed the existence of data concerning him, a charge not exceeding the costs actually incurred, in the manner and within the limits set Regulation of Article 33, paragraph 3.
3. The rights referred to in paragraph 1 in relation to personal data concerning deaths may be exercised by anyone interested.
4. In exercising the rights referred to in paragraph 1 the person concerned may grant, in writing, power of attorney to persons or associations.
5. The regulations on professional secrecy of the journalistic profession, to the source of news.

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