Numbers and Statistics


National and international (fifteen billion) of dollars the sum paid by the major pharmaceutical companies for compensation in civil or criminal causes in the United States in the period 2006 to 2010


73.043.500, the number of children and adolescents (0- 18 years) in USA
(source:U.S. Census Bureau)

the minors that every year use psycho drugs (for all the pathology) in the USA only
(source: NIMH, Nexus, Los Angeles Times)

20.000.000, the number of prescriptions made out in the USA every year for the administration of stimulant psychiatric drugs to children
(source: British Medical Journal, Nexus)

10%, the percentage of USA infant population that it is says to suffer from ADHD, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder
(source: International Narcotics Control Board, OMS)

27% – 6%,
the different per cent incidence of the behavior disorder in USA respectively in low class minors and in upper class minors

2,1 billion (US Dollars),
the turnover for the sale of stimulant psychiatric drugs for children in USA only
(source: DEA USA, consolidated data on planetary scale for all country and for all molecules aren’t available )


100%, the growth  in the consumption of  psychiatric drugs for hyperactivity  in beyond 50 countries, among which Belgium, Germany, England, Holland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway and Spain.

(from: International Narcotic Control Board – ONU)


3, the number of months after which genetic alteration have been found out (triplicate the chromosome abnormality) in children subjected to therapy based on stimulant drugs for ADHD
(source: Università del Texas)

the percentage of children that have already received psycho drugs at the beginning of the primary school in France
(source: Ministere de la Santè, ricerca pubblicata su Canadian Journal of Psichiatric vol. 43)

10.440.500, underages from 0 to 18 years old in Italy
(from: ISTAT)

the minors in pediatric age in Italy, between 0 and 14 years
(source: ISTAT)

4,3%, the share of pharmaceutical market of Italy on world scale,  5° world market for turnover of  multinational producers
(from: Nomisma)

9,1% (737.000 units),
the percentage of Italian minors that would suffer from mental disorder (all the pathology) according to the results screening project “PRISMA”
(source: Ministero per la Salute)

2% (162.000 units),
the percentage of Italian minors that would suffer from ADHD according to the results screening project “PRISMA”
(source: Ministero per la Salute)

4% ed oltre, the percentage of Italian minors that would suffer from ADHD according to the scientific associations of organicist setting
(source: Società Italiana di Neuropsichiatria Infantile, Kataweb)

11, the antidepressant molecule in use in pediatric age the administration of which has been recently forbidden because this molecule inspired suicidal ideas (driving to suicide) in children
(source: EMA, European Medicines Agency)


from 30.000 to 60.000,
the Italian children that every day consume psychiatric drugs, some of it bring to suicide as the recent “warning” by USA

(source: Istituto Mario Negri di Milano, ufficio studi Giù Le Mani dai Bambini (Hands off our Children)

1 year, the delay of the Italian Ministry of Health in giving comparison to the first “warning” about the administration of antidepressant molecule to minors
(source: Campagna “GiùleManidaiBambini” (Hands off our children))

the number of young patients that have shown dependence (difficult in break off the assumption) from antidepressant molecule
(source: Ufficio studi Glaxo)
8 years old, the age from which also in our Country the antidepressant Prozac is given to children
(from: EMA)

the number of authoritative university scientific research already translated into Italian by “GiuleManidaiBambini” (Hands off our children), that worry about the risks of the psychiatric drugs’ administration to minors and that are ignored by national control authority

20, one a region minimum,
the number of regional Centre for the psychiatric drugs’ administration to minors that the Health Ministry plans to activate on the Italian territory
(source: Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Ministero per la Salute)


112, the quantity of Regional Centers for the giving to children of  stimulating psychiatric drugs that in point of fact have been authorized in Italy
(from: Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Ministero per la Salute)

the national register where will be “filed” the children in therapy based on psychiatric drugs
(source: Istituto Superiore di sanità, Ministero per la Salute)
260.000, in daily increase, the quantity of “insiders” (psychologists, psychiatrists, pedagogists, pediatricians etc) who support the scientifical  arguments of our Campaign, personally or collectively through the respective professional associations and those of category.
(from: portal, section Consensus ADHD, list of signers)

in daily increase, the number of specialists that have already subscribed the appeal to prudence launched in February 2005 by our Campaign
(source: portale, sezione Consensus ADHD, list of signers)

the number of specialists that have subscribed a precedent appeal (year 2003) of opposite direction, or rather in favor of the administration of psychiatric drugs to minors
(source: Istituto Superiore di Sanità, AIFA)

24, the quantity of the foreign Countries from which arrived letters of support written by  specialists who approve and sustain  our  work of pharmacovigilance
(from: portal, section Consensus ADHD, list of signers)

37, the members of our permanent Scientific Committee, are all authoritative academics and specialists that freely provide their own work
(source: portal, sezione La Campagna, area Comitato Scientifico)

the number of informative publications marked “GiuleManidaiBambini” (Hands off our children) freely distributed in whole Italy
(source: spokesman GiuleManidaiBambini (Hands off our children))

236, the quantity of corporations – universities, orders of doctors, associations, etc – that form a consortium in our  Committee
(from: portal, area of Promoters)
1.450, in constant increase, the quantity of collaborators who with their own commitment support actively and operatively the Campaign
(from: portal, Contributors area, the quantity of the simple signers  is not  registered and is indefinable)

the percentage of statistic increase in daily accesses to the portal from the first day until today, the portal is the most visited in Italy about this theme
(source: eRing.IT, web technical support)

25.000.000, in constant increase, the quantity of  registered visits to the portal in the first 48 months  of activity
(from: eRing.IT, web technical support)

the number of personality that have accepted to “bring themselves into play” as “testimonial” of this struggle, from the late Ray Charles that adhered a little while before die, to Beppe Grillo, from Linus of Radio DJ to Renzo Arbore, and many others
(source: spokesman “GiuleManidaiBambini” (Hands off our children), portal section Testimonial)