Media Room

This section contains materials, data and insights which are useful for journalists and information officers, for write up articles, services, enquires and other tools for public information.

From this page, you can thus access:

There is also a rich press release on the subject of administration of psychiatric drugs to children and adolescents, divided into the following categories:

Finally, you can refer to our “Diario di Bordo”, our periodic newsletter by means  of which we updated our readers about news of the Campaign, the most  important news on the topics we deal with, the events, and much more. Diario di bordo is registered as weekly sientific magazine to the Court of Turin, with authorization n ° 46/2007.


Our National Spokesman, Luca Poma is available to any interested journalist in order to give statements and interviews. You can contact him to the mail box:




In our Press Review you can find also articles that do not rally to the guidelines of our Committee and then that do not reflect our thought. The collecting of articles on this portal is a public service, free supplied only for a  documentary scope. The unique scientific thesis recognized as valid by our Committee are those underlined in our DOCUMENT OF CONSENSUS.