Here are some practical suggestions for the support to “Giulemanidaibambini”  (Hands off our children) with one’s own work… but if you’ve got more ideas tell us theme!

  • If you are a typographer, you can print a certain amount of publications and promotional material of the Campaign, using the file we’ll give you, and apposing in third of cover your name and brand, completed with delivery;
  • If you direct or own a hotel structure, you can support the Campaign by the donation of one € euro for each full room, using a system ruled by the financier and fiscal law, which lets you totally regain the import deducting it from the fees, with no expense by your hotel;
  • if you direct a Foundation, a festival or any kind of cultural institution, you can twin with the Campaign, by spreading informative material inside Your structure:
  • if you direct or work for a service society, you can organize some events for “Giulemanidaibambini” (Hands off our children) (congresses, parties, etc…);
  • If you are the owner or the Art Director of a discotheque or an other entertainment structure, you can organize a party devolving a part of the income to the Campaign;
  • If you own a radio, a TV, or if you are a DJ or vocalist, or if you work for a regional or national network, you can host the promotional spots (for TV or radio) by “GiuLeManidaiBambini” (Hands off our children);
  • If you are going to marry…. OUR BEST WISHES! Consider the opportunity of give jointly wedding keep sake as a gift, with a donation to the campaign in exchange for a thanking parchment to remind the Happy Event, to give to each of your [ospiti]!;
  • if you know well a foreign language, then you can get into the team of our translators, to make readable in Italian any informative material which nobody could otherwise read!;
  • If you work for the large scale retail trade, or for factories of goods which are sold in the circuit of the supermarkets, you can twin your goods with “GiuleManidaiBambini” (Hands off our children), just inserting in your packaging the logo, the slogan and the URL of this website (we’ll give you the file).

Obviously we greatly accepts any other proposition of collaboration, considering that in any case your name and logo will be quoted among the collaborators of the Campaign, and you’ll receive a thanking nameplate and, if you own a factory, a society or a professional studio, you’ll be inserted into the circuit “Children Friendly Activity” for the current year, with the deliver of the whole decalcomania to be showed. If otherwise you know any friends or relatives in the conditions of getting one of these opportunities, please don’t hesitate to purpose it to him! In the end, if you are not in any of the listed conditions and you don’t have any other ideas, you can always make a donation by using your credit card, with our safe, fast and no-commission system! Your contribute will be used to print informative material to be spread into the schools, and if you wish you’ll receive a copy of the voucher of the expense, since transparency is our motto.

If you need any other information, please CONTACT US NOW!

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