Money Donation

Money Donation to Committee “Giù le Mani dai Bambini” ONLUS

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For any problems or questions about using this system, contact or the number +39338/7478239. Thanks!







Bullettin POSTAL (tax deductible):


postal account n°67674515


payable to “Comitato GiùleManidaiBambini ONLUS” – C.P. 589 – 10121 Torino



BANK TRANSFER ON BANK Current Account (tax deductible):


You can directly make a transfer or a payment on the Current Account registered to

Banca Popolare Etica- Filiale di Torino
IBAN: IT28N 05018 01000 000000 132849
Beneficiary: Comitato GiùleManidaiBambini ONLUS
CF: 97650080019

Inform us of the made payment (mailing to info @ or with fax 011/19701577), we will be pleasant to communicate you what actions of promotion and development Your donation would help to support.

- Concerts and other occasions for the Fund Raising:

Our Committee is pleased to accept any possible collaboration to raise offers and contributes, contact the Campaign’s coordinators

Nota Bene:

The voucher and the receipt are in our archive at disposal of any citizen who formerly requests for them to the Promoting Committee. The spokesman, the coordinator and the Scientific and Ethic Committees, furnish their participation voluntarily and for free. It’s therefore evidently excluded any form of lucre.

The initiative is sustained with funds from some of the subscripted associations, and thanks to the work of lots of hospital volunteers. Anybody can make a donation to sustain the Campaign, but the income won’t be used for the payment of generic voices of expense: it’ll be only and exclusively used to pay real and documented expenses, such as the rent of any rooms for conferences, the print of promotional material, etc.. The donator will even be able to link himself his contribution to specifical typologies of expense, chosen among our current projects.

Deduction for tax for individuals and businesses.


As a result of Decree Law n. 35/2005 you can take advantage of new tax breaks: art. 14 of Decree Law n. 35/2005


“The donations in cash () provided by individuals () in favor of non-profit social organizations and social promotion associations members of the national register (), are deductible from the income of the donor in the limit of ten percent (10%) of the total income, and at a maximum of 70,000 € a year”


Remember to keep your receipt – postal or bank – of the donation: it is non-derogable and essential to take advantage of tax breaks! To donate via credit card or bank account statement is equivalent to a receipt. You can deduct the donation with the next tax return.


“GiùleManidaiBambini “ (Hands off our children) is a NPO (Non profit organization), recognized as such by the Ministry of Finance with special deliberation