How to help us

In this section you’ll find different areas that you can visit to better understand how you can actively contribute to the Campaign:

  • Money area,  make a donation, even on-line with your Credit Card, without any commissions. Your donation will be used to print the informative material
  • Facilities area, for loads of possibilities to support, suited to your job, from the area in which you are involved, the people you know and hang around with
  • In the Sponsor area, you’ll find a roundup of companies and public institutions that support our campaign by a significant contribution … you can join them!
  • Banner area, choose and download a free banner and insert it into your’s or your friends’ website

Remember you would be very helpful:

  • If you recommend the website to your friends using the simple tool Recommend the Site(on every page, top right)
  • If you can tell us the names of any VIPs you know so that we can contact them and write them in our Testimonials list
  • If you let us know of any articles or other material to write in our Media Room

You can also contact us, to propose our participation in events and exhibitions, allowing us to convey the message “Giù le Mani dai Bambini” (Hands off our children), providing places and spaces for the distribution of information, ask for free publications for outreach meetings and conferences, and any other possible You believe that action can help you reach the Organizing Committee and inform the general public.