In this category, you find the link to a page illustrating some of the publications signed by “Giù le mani dai bambini©” (Hands off our children), and edited under the supervision of several experts from our Scientific Committee. You can download it free, in respect of norms of Copyright, and  diffuse it to everyone you know (the only wariness it to  quote the source if you want to diffuse only a part of it). If you want to receive at home one or more copies of any of these publications, you can ask us by e-mail or writing a letter – attaching only the necessary stamps for the shipment -  to:

Comitato GiùleManidaiBambini ONLUS Casella Postale 589 – 10121 Torino Centro

In this portal area you will find also a set of “useful signals” on books in commerce that speak about themes of our interest: psychiatric drugs to children, problems of behaviour of minors, pedagogical solutions, etc. the publication in this area of a text of deepening does not involve necessarily the condivision of the same by part of our scientifical committee  or the respect by the author towards guidelines of “Giù le Mani dai Bambini” (Hands off our children), but it is only to be intended  as a service of public utility: the evaluation of the goodness of the different editorial proposals is  left only to the reader. If you have a book to  signal, write an email. The publication in this area is intended as free, our Committee does not accept sponsorships or donations by publishers or by single authors. If you want to buy  one of the mentioned books, you can dot it on-line using the Google Book Service that is linked in every box: but as not every book is reviewed/buyable on-line, our suggestion is to copy from the box the code “ISBN” (it is an alphanumeric code that in publishing world marks  univocally every book) and ask to your  usual library to order.

Have a good reading!