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To properly define and set the so-called “ADHD” entity (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ), we must not disregard fundamental knowledge concerning science, medicine and psychiatry, or ignore a scientific, historical and sociological analysis of the phenomena; in addition to that, it is also necessary to consider some ethical aspects we wish you can find it useful to fully understand the spirit inspiring our informative campaign.

This section wants to stimulate a discussion among people in order to assure that any choice on the psycho-drugs administration to children and teen-agers would be reached with awareness and knowledge of the subject. This way we hope to avoid abuses on children and to guarantee their right to health. In this section we show an abstract on the motivations “for” and “against” psycho-drugs administration to children. Texts are written by qualified doctors, in collaboration with our Scientific Committee. Furthermore, the section has been enhanced and broaden with interesting additional subjects:


-          An in-depth overview of IDEAS AND OPINIONS BY DOCTORS AND EXPERTS on the issue of psychiatric drugs administered to children;


-          You can download the illustrative sheet of the well known commercial product Ritalin ® (r-methylphenidate), both the one in commercial boxes and the one reserved to specialists, the last having much more side effects;


-          You can test on yourself, your children or nephews, current diagnosis criteria used to determine ADHD, by filling up the appropriate test and immediately verify online the results;


-          You will find therein also some legislative measures approved– or under discussion – against abuses in child psychotropic medication-only in italian-;


-          We have also included some of several supporting letters signed by representatives of the highest institutional authorities-only in italian-;


-          Again in this section, you will also find an useful “direct line” with our experts: Agorà allows you to post a question on issues managed by the Campaign, and receive (or see published) the relevant reply! For further information, don’t forget to give a look to the FAQ section, with the most frequent questions about this delicate argument and the relative brief answers;


-          You can further examine the issue of psychiatric drugs administered to children and in general, of children’s mental health, by consulting books and PUBLICATIONS reviewed by us;


-          Finally, we report a series of USEFUL LINKS to institutional or public service websites, which can help provide an answer to your doubts.





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GiùleManidaiBambini (Hands off our children) is a pharmaceutical vigilance, information and awareness social campaign . Our experts and specialists you will be in contact with, either personally or via e-mail, do NOT issue medical advices  either with fee or free. For medical interventions, please contact your family Pediatrician, or one of the scientific organizations selected in the “LINK”section of this portal, as you prefer. In any case – because of the sensitivity of the issues covered – the medical opinions of our specialists and volunteers, must be considered as personal and do not necessarily reflect the position of our organization. The only official positions we have related to the Campaign, can be seen on this portal or in the statements issued by our Spokesman to the media.
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