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Here following you will find all the emails of our staff. In order to facilitate us for the answers and to grant you a rapid and effective service, we ask you to search the email that is more relevant to the kind of question you want to ask. Thanks!


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“Giù le Mani dai Bambini” (Hands off the children) is a social campaign of medicine vigilance, information and awareness.
The experts and specialists  of our organization with whom you will enter in contact personally or by email,  do NOT give medical advisory, neither on payment nor for free.
For medical interventions, you have to address to your family pediatrician, or to a scientific organization of your choice, selected in the “Link” page of this portal.
In any case – considering the delicacy of the treated themes – the medical opinions of our specialists or volunteers, have to be considered expressed as privates and do not reflect necessarily the position of our Organization.
Our only positions relating to the Campaign, are those that you can find in this portal or in the declarations  given to press by our  Spokesman.
We thank you for your understanding!